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Semtech Announces Collaboration with Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics to Launch the MCU+SX126x Reference Design

Semtech Corporation, a high-performance semiconductor, IoT systems and Cloud connectivity service provider, announced its collaboration with Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Fudan Microelectronics"), to launch the MCU+SX126x reference design to provide more cost-effective solutions for clients in the fields of instrumentation, fire prevention and security, environmental monitoring, and other applications.


The reference design is powered by Semtech’s LoRa ConnectTM SX126x series chips and Fudan Microelectronics’ MCU products from the FM33LE0 series, including hardware reference design and basic software reference code design.


Combining the long-range, low-power, and highly sensitive features of Semtech’s LoRa® devices and the application advantages of Fudan Microelectronics' MCUs in metering, industrial and other applications, the two parties provide a more affordable, more easily deployable, and more adaptable networking solution that clients can use to streamline their development efforts and shorten their development cycles.


As a leading enterprise in MCUs for smart energy meters in China, Fudan Microelectronics' MCU products have been widely used in smart meters, industrial control, motor drives, auto electronics, smart home appliances, health care, Internet of Things, new energy, and other application fields. The reference design for this cooperation makes use of an MCU from the FM33LE0 series, which has many available on-chip resources, supports up to 128k flash 16RAM, and integrates communication interfaces, including UART \ SPI \ I2C and LCD liquid crystal driver. Besides, its remarkable low-power performance, proven by a sleep mode power consumption of roughly 1uA, is an excellent fit for clients' requirements.


As the first set of reference designs co-developed by Semtech and Fudan Microelectronics, the FM33LE0 MCU + SX126x solution, has been tested successfully and will be released on 13th February 2023.


Liang Lei, technical marketing director of Fudan Microelectronics, stated: "Fudan Microelectronics' MCU enjoys a sound market share in instrumentation (smart water, gas and heat meters), fire prevention and security, and environmental monitoring. We believe that by integrating Semtech's LoRa chips with our MCUs, we will be able to better assist clients in resolving application pain points, including information reporting loss, insufficient signal coverage, and deviations between networking methods and actual field application effects. In the future, Fudan Microelectronics will further improve its solutions and adapt to more mainstream chip series on this basis."


"Semtech LoRa devices and Fudan Microelectronics' MCU products are highly compatible in industrial use cases, including instrumentation, fire prevention and security, and environmental monitoring," said Mike Wong, vice president of China sales at Semtech. "Fudan Microelectronics' MCU product series has passed the market test in terms of performance. Through the joint collaboration, Semtech and Fudan Microelectronics are able to provide a high cost-effective solution that boasts excellent performance and the ability to support flexible networking and easy deployment for clients in the target application fields."

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