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Semtech Unveils New Products for Next-Gen Data Centers, PON and 5G Wireless Networks to Address Increasing Data Demands

Semtech Corporation, a high-performance semiconductor, IoT systems and Cloud connectivity service provider, today announced several new products in its Signal Integrity portfolio that extend the company’s leadership in optical fiber integrated circuit solutions for data center, wireless, and passive optical networks (PON). The new products provide customers with the low power, low cost and low-latency solutions needed for hyperscale data center applications, wireless infrastructure, and access and enterprise networking.


The digital revolution—spurred by the rapid adoption of IoT-based technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), automotive, Cloud services, mobile subscriptions and more—is rapidly increasing worldwide data usage that drives the need for higher data rates in data center, PON and wireless networks. Semtech’s optical networking platform provides the backbone IC technology to support these higher rates and global data usage. By expanding its award-winning optical portfolio that includes Tri-Edge™, FiberEdge®, CopperEdge™ and PON-X™ products, Semtech continues to support the data center, PON and wireless networks, and is enabling customers to meet current and future optical networking needs with power, cost, and latency advantages.


“Optical solutions are vital to connect and enable high performance digital platforms. By improving networks at the chip level, Semtech is allowing our customers to prepare their networks for the exponential growth in data demands expected in the next few years. These new products, announced at OFC, underscore our leading position in the market and Semtech’s ability to address every level of the digital ecosystem including optical module customers, system providers and end users,” said Timothy Vang, vice president of marketing and applications in Semtech’s Signal Integrity Group.


At OFC 2023, Semtech announced several new products, including:


Live demonstration of 200G/lane optical link with Broadcom and Keysight – this live in-booth demo uses 200G FiberEdge® linear drivers and TIAs.

PON-X™ chipset for 50G High Speed PON (HS-PON) – enables multi-gigabit broadband services for homes and businesses and will drive new use cases for the PON market.

Sampling availability of FiberEdge® GN1825 octal transimpedance amplifier (TIA) – solves space challenges in 100G/lane single mode fiber space, enabling low cost and high performing solution in small footprint.

Production availability of FiberEdge® GN1814 TIA – enables qualification testing of the latest optical transceiver technology in data center.

Production availability of GN1300 and GN1400 TIAs – for use in optical modules for 5G wireless x-haul applications.

Expansion of PON-X platform for 10G PON ONUs – the combined GN28L98 combo chip and the GN28L54A 10G transimpedance amplifier (TIA) provides high-performance and low-cost solutions to manufacturers.

Mobile Optical Pluggable Alliance (MOPA) – company joined MOPA to help define the next generation 5G wireless requirements and optical solutions.


Semtech’s Signal Integrity portfolio platform addresses optical and copper interconnect requirements for data rates from 2.5G to 1.6T for data center, PON and wireless networking applications. The Signal Integrity platform leverages Semtech’s high performance analog design solutions that provide customer advantages in power, latency, and cost for advanced networking applications.

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