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Server and Storage
Server and Storage - Semtech Products Featured Applications

The storage market includes a wide range of applications and product segments, from enterprise storage servers, through network and disk drive interfaces, to consumer storage products. Semtech sells a wide range of products to multiple storage market segments.


Products include those which are specific to an application like Fibre channel or SATA clocks and ReDrivers, and more general purpose devices like packet and signal switches. Semtech devices fill the roles of interface and expansion within server systems. From consumer focused boxes up through high-end multi-processors, Semtech provides solutions for a variety of interface issues faced by system designers.


Blade Server

Semtech provides key serial connectivity, signal conditioning, switching, discrete, and timing solutions for the server and storage market segments.



Semtech offering for HDDs include crystals and crystal oscillators that are normally used with the HDD controller. 


Host Adapter

Semtech provides a comprehensive range of ICs for Host Board Adapter (HBA)applications. 


Rack Server

Semtech provides key serial connectivity, signal conditioning, switching and timing solutions for the growing server and storage market segments. 


Storage Array

Semtech provides SAS/SATA multi-port redriver products for the storage array applications.

Semtech Distributor's system expertise and large selection of reference designs allow engineers to design smarter, more robust Server and Storage systems that create safer and efficient environments for Server and Storage market.

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