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As the first set of reference designs co-developed by Semtech and Fudan Microelectronics, the FM33LE0 MCU + SX126x solution, has been tested successfully and will be rele

The complexity of integrating end-to-end connectivity is slowing down IoT adoption at scale, and is considered one of the top challenges of new IoT deployments according

50G PON enables multi-gigabit broadband services for homes and businesses and will drive new use cases for the PON market

The adoption of 10G PON technology continues to gather pace as carriers seek additional capacity and faster access speeds

At 800G and beyond a beachfront layout on the TIAs enables improved and easy optical fiber coupling layout in optical transceivers

The production availability of the FiberEdge GN1814 enables qualification testing of the latest optical transceiver technology in data centers by our customers and system

The FiberEdge GN1300 and GN1400 are single lane 24-28Gbps non-return-to-zero (NRZ) TIAs specialized for use in both grey (single color) and multiple color wavelength-divi

The MOPA Alliance is dedicated to defining and developing future optical pluggable requirements so the industry can accelerate new optical solutions.

Semtech’s Signal Integrity portfolio platform addresses optical and copper interconnect requirements for data rates from 2.5G to 1.6T for data center, PON and wireless ne

The new, modernized brand symbolizes the merging of the two companies’ strengths in semiconductor, connectivity, and IoT.

Mr. Silberstein has more than two decades of operations experience in the semiconductor industry.

As the IoT continues to expand, LoRa’s innovative solutions are continuing to see huge growth in their implementation.

The bi-directional ClearEdge CDR integrates a single-ended EML laser driver optimized to enable the use of alternative optics for 5G wireless solutions

The LoRa Core portfolio provides global LoRaWAN network coverage and is targeted to several vertical industries including asset tracking, building, home, agriculture, met

The GS12170 is the enabler to move from HD to 4K for low-cost HDMI extenders, by eliminating the need for costly FPGAs.

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