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EcoBrite LED Drivers
EcoBrite LED Drivers - Semtech Products

Semtech LED Driver Integrated Circuits for Automotive, Medical, Industrial, and Consumer Products


Semtech’s substantial line of EcoBrite™ LED driver integrated circuits (ICs) is used prominently for LCD display backlight and LED camera flash applications. It includes inductor-based boost LED drivers for series-connected LEDs and charge pump LED drivers and low-dropout current sinks for parallel-connected LEDs. Each LED driver topology is designed for optimal high efficiency in the smallest footprint with accurate current regulation, low noise and a wide dimming range. Our inductive driver ICs are extremely useful for portable devices, consumer equipment and ruggedized applications for the automotive, medical, industrial, and white good sectors. The highly-efficient step-up (Boost) HB LED driver was designed for backlight applications and includes a wide input voltage range, flexible output configuration, wide analog and PWM dimming range, phase shifting.

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