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Transmitters (Serializers)
Transmitters (Serializers) - Semtech Products

Semtech SDI Transmitters (Serializers): 3G, HD, SD, and DVB-ASI


Semtech's transmitter (SerDes) offering integrates all the high-speed, mixed signal components (Serializer, VCO, Cable Driver, Reclocker) and SMPTE digital video and audio processing required to transmit SDI Video. Grouping all of these components into one package reduces the PCB footprint required to implement SDI transmit/receive and the solution benefits from our superior jitter performance. This optimized, cost-effective and power efficient ASIC implementation lets you focus on your value-added processing for quicker time-to-market.


Our SDI transmitters have the most complete video processing features available. These include integrated SMPTE video processing including scrambling, TRS detection, insertion, and ancillary data insertion. Semtech SDI transmitters can reject up to 300ps of jitter on the parallel clock, outputting very low jitter, SMPTE-compliant SDI signals. All SDI transmitters are DVB-ASI capable.

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